The School Board recognizes the need to create a fair and equitable system of recognizing superior academic achievement for its graduating seniors.

Therefore, the top senior GPA recipient shall be named Valedictorian.*

The second highest GPA recipient shall be named Salutatorian.*

No other honor parts shall be named per se; however, any graduate with a 90 average shall be entitled to wear a golden stole, signifying such at all graduation activities.

All class rankings shall be placed according to the officially certified list approved by the School Board and based on the first seven (7) consecutive semesters of high school grades or the first five (5) consecutive semesters of high school for the early graduate.

Please note that students who receive early graduation approval are eligible to be named Valedictorian or Salutatorian providing they have the highest or second highest GPA in said graduating class.

*Note:  All GPA’s shall be calculated to the thousandth position.  Any two identical candidates

Having identical scores at the thousandth level shall be named co-recipients.