Any sophomore, junior, or senior who exhibits the four qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and character is eligible to be nominated to the National Honor Society. The requirements for membership are set by the National Chapter and are applicable to all local chapters.

Students in grades 10-12 must have an average of 90.

Willingness to render any service to the school and community when called upon.

Willingness to do committee and staff work.

Readiness to show courtesy by assisting visitors, teachers, and students.

Willingness to participate in an activity outside of school, such as girl/boy scouts, church groups, volunteer services for the elderly, poor, or disadvantaged.

Demonstrates leadership in classroom or organization work.

Demonstrates leadership in promoting school activities.

Is thoroughly dependable in any responsibility he/she accepts.

Demonstrates initiative.

Exemplifies the qualities and attitudes which are a silent influence on others for the good.

Promptly meets pledges and responsibilities to school and teachers.

Demonstrates highest standards of honesty and reliability.

Constantly exemplifies desirable qualities of personality.

Cooperates by complying with school regulations.

Upholds principles of morality and ethics.

To be accepted into NHS, a student in grades 10-12 must meet these qualifications, maintain the 90 average, and completely fill out an application form. The application must be returned to the advisor(s) by an assigned date located on the application.

Candidates who meet these criteria are selected by a faculty panel chosen by the principal. Students can be dismissed from the organization for unexemplary behavior.

Note that a student in NHS who does not have a 90 average at mid-year may be put on academic probation or removed from NHS at that time. NHS students who do not fulfill their service commitments may be called before the Faculty Council and may also face potential removal form NHS.