What kind of prizes would a student receive?
The prizes will be small items such as tickets to basketball game, candy bar, soda/water, bag of chips, free popcorn at a bb game, lip gloss, car air fresheners, etc.

What do I do with this slip?
There will be a jar in the office for each class, put it in the jar and every Friday there will be two winners per class.

What is PBIS and what do these letters stand for?
Positive Behavior Intervention Support

How can I thank a teacher or another adult?
If students want to create a bulletin board where students can recognize each other or the adults in the building we can create a space to do that. Right Now we do not have a way other than saying thank you or sending an email.

What about cougar paws, are they gone?
Cougar paws are gone, and in their place will be cougar slips. The whole school will be involved in the same procedures and processes.

Why are we doing cougar slips?
This is a program aimed at recognizing the positive behaviors of students and not focusing on the negative behaviors. the cougar slips are a way to reinforce the positive things in our school and hopefully it will create a more positive culture for our school.

As a student, can I suggest another student for something good I saw them do?
The cougar slips are to recognize students following the behavior matrix that students and the PBIS team created in previous years. At this time, it will only be the adults in the school who give cougar slips based on the behavior slips.

Is there going to be ice cream? 

How many slips do I need to get a prize?
Every slip you receive and put in your class jar is a chance to win a price at the end of the week. A slip does not guarantee a prize.

What about the students that do everything that is expected of them and never get a ticket?
There will be lots of tickets passes out everyday.The PBIS program is meant to make sure that students who are following the matrix are recognized for their choices. Our hope is that everyone gets multiple tickets.

Why are only 2 cards drawn for each class?
Prizes cost money, and at this point we chose 2 per class because that is 12 winners per week and that is a manageable number.