Response to Report Card

Dear KMHS Parents/Guardians:  

By now, I am sure some, if not all, of our community has read about the grade the state has given our school. This grade is based upon proficiency and growth on the NECAP/SAT data and graduation rates the state collects each year.  We have been committed for several years to ensuring every student who enters KMHS experiences a safe & caring environment,  and is guaranteed high quality instruction. Regardless of our grade, we will continue to work towards these goals.

School performance is a complex idea to quantify and boil down to a single letter grade.  Our teachers struggle with a similar challenge at every reporting period. This grade represents one effort to do that using a certain set of criteria, but there are also other factors not included in the grade.  We want our school community to know that we study and respond to multiple measures of success. We are aware of our challenges and are committed to addressing each one and making improvements.

The grade confirms our own conclusions of our school's performance: our  students’ graduation rate is at 90%  over the last four years, and our school assessments tell us our students are improving even if it is not at the state mandated rate. Each year the state proficiency requirements increase and we acknowledge that our proficiency rates in math and reading are below state average. We are refining our educational practices to enhance learning for students in order to the meet the needs of students.  

Our commitment to preparing all students can be seen in our efforts to:

  • strengthen core instruction by using professional learning communities to increase student achievement through best teaching practices.

  • support struggling learners through individual teacher-student lessons and computer based programs, as well as, working with the University of Maine to develop a peer mentoring program for our students.

  • analyze student data to inform instruction and provide feedback to teachers on their instruction.

  • participate in the Maine Physical Science Partnership with the University of Maine to educate teachers and provide resources to improve academic achievement in grade 7-9 physical sciences.

  • engage and inspire all students through innovative new courses like the journalism, drama, economics, contemporary issues, and computer fine arts courses we have added to our program of studies.

  • revise courses to incorporate more hands on project based learning and more student directed learning.

  • expose students to colleges and universities throughout the state by taking them

           on college tours.

  • use technology to take online college courses at Maine colleges and universities.

In closing, thank you for your continued support of our important work at KMHS. Informed and engaged parents/guardians and community members are a vital part of the success of any school community. If you would like further information regarding our school report card please visit


Eryn Schmidt