Strategy #6: Proficiency-based Diploma

Strategy #6: Continue developing and implementing a proficiency-based (standards-based) diploma including a Graduation

 Portfolio, coursework, a Senior Portfolio, and Personalized Learning Plans.

GoalAll graduates will demonstrate proficiency in the School-wide Academic Expectations as well as content-specific learning outcomes.


2012-13 Benchmark: No member of the Class of 2013 fails to graduate due to an incomplete graduation portfolio and at least 75% of the

 Class of 2014 has completed the requirements of the Graduation Portfolio.  Progress is made in the plans to implement "Phase II" of a

 proficiency-based diploma and Personalized Learning Plans.

2012-13 Progress Summary: 

What concrete action steps will be taken?When will action steps occur and when will they be completed?Who will lead or coordinate this action step?Who will participate in implementing these action steps?What resources will be needed?