Strategy #1: Raise Student Aspirations

Strategy #1Raise student aspirations so that all students are engaged in learning and planning fulfilling post-secondary pursuits.

GoalStudents are encouraged to set high, personally fulfilling post-secondary goals and receive support and motivation in achieving them.  All students graduate career and 

college ready with a post-secondary plan. 

Baseline: According to National Student Clearinghouse data provided by the Mitchell Institute, since 2002 approximately __% of KMHSA graduates have enrolled in college the 

fall immediately after graduation.  Data related to Bloom's taxonomy (higher-order thinking) and student engagement indicate that not all students are engaged in the instruction

of a class or being asked to do higher order thinking as frequently as desired.  

2013-14 Benchmark: A measure of student aspirations is identified and baseline data is established; curriculum documents are analyzed for higher-order thinking to 

establish a baseline.  A draft PLP is developed. 

2012-13 Progress Summary

 What concrete action steps will be taken? When will action steps occur and when will they be completed? When will action steps occur and when will they be completed? Who will participate in implementing these action steps? What resources will be needed?