Strategy #2: Parent and Community Engagement

Strategy #2Identify and utilize new means of engaging parents and the community in support of student learning and to raise student aspirations.

Goal: Create community and family oriented schools so that stronger partnerships can support student learning and aspirations.

Baseline: 63% of parents participate in the Fall Student Led Conferences and Approximately 50% of parents attended the Spring SLC. Most parent-themed events related

 to academics are fairly attended. 

The Senior Portfolio  engages many parents and community members in student projects and brings them into the school as audience/panel members.  

The school's website and especially Facebook page have allowed many parents and community members to be more aware of what is happening at KMHS, especially positive

 trends in student learning.  

2012-13 Benchmark:What we are doing now

2012-13 Progress Summary

What concrete action steps will be taken?When will action steps occur and when will they be completed?Who will lead or coordinate this action step?Who will participate in implementing these action steps?What resources will be needed?
 Fall Open House with resource fair