Strategy #4: Personalized & Authentic Instruction

Strategy #4: Increase the personalization and authenticity of learning opportunities in order to engage students.

Goal: Integrate technology, project-based learning, and student "voice and choice" into existing courses as well as "career pathways" to 

create authentic, engaging instructional strategies.

Baseline: The use of both technology integration and project-based learning as instructional strategies remains sporadic at KMHS 

and is more often by individual teacher choice than by systemic design.  Technology integration was observed in of iWalkthrough 

observations.  While 1:1 laptop access and Google Apps have provided more tools for technology integration, there was not 

adequate capacity to provide additional training to teachers.   Graduation requirements are still largely based on seat time 

and credits, and there are limited opportunities for students to design their own learning experiences and/or determine how

 they will demonstrate proficiency of learning goals.   

2012-13 Benchmark

What concrete action steps will be taken?When will action steps occur and when will they be completed?Who will lead or coordinate this action step?Who will participate in implementing these action steps?What resources will be needed?