Strategy #3: PLC's


Strategy #3Maintain Professional Learning Communities that allow teachers to work collaboratively to score student work, examine data, and discuss teaching practices in 

order to improve student learning.

Goal: Teachers regularly and frequently work as high-performing teams to ensure that all students learn to high levels.

Baseline: PLCs have been implemented for four school years.  From 2008-2010, PLCs met on an every other week basis and their work has focused on developing, refining, 

and scoring Graduation Portfolio Tasks.  From 2010-present, PLC's met weekly during a Friday early release schedule.  PLC's have become embedded in the culture of the 

school and are valued by teachers.  It can be said that 2008-09 was a "forming and storming" year, 2009-10 was closer to a "norming" year, and 2010-11 

was a "performing" year.  High staff turnover and fragmented PLC agendas resulted in PLC's that were slightly less effective in 2011-12 than the previous year. 

 PLC Self-Assessment data from 2008-12 school years support this conclusion.  K-12 PLC's met four times in 2010-11, primarily to "reconnect" the two schools, 

and nine times in 2011-12 in an attempt to begin K-12 curriculum development and alignment work.  K-12 PLCs will require significant support and nurturing in

 the 2012-13 school year to maintain forward momentum.

2012-13 Benchmark: KMHS PLCs remain "performing" based on self-assessment data.  Additionally, other school goals and benchmarks for the year are met.  7-12 PLCs meet on a weekly

basis and measurable progress (see strategy 5 ) is made on ????

2012-13 Progress Summary: