Strategy #5: Interventions and Supports

Strategy #5Design and implement a system of supports and interventions which allows all students to access the help that 

they need to earn a diploma.

GoalSufficient student support systems are in place to provide all students with the support necessary to graduate with a 

diploma in four+ years; and acquire grade level reading,writing, and math skills as well as make a year's growth in a year's time.

Baseline: Student Assistance Team implemented for grades 9-12 and making a significant positive impact on 

graduation and dropout rates.(link to graduation rate and drop out rate)   

Focused Study was implemented in 2011-12 and has increased support to struggling students but needs to be "fine-tuned."  

Advisor support for students is inconsistent due to lack of expectations for the advisory program and support for advisors, 

although there are some informal expectations around SSR and portfolio task completion.  A timeline exists to implement 

Personalized Learning Plans.  In the Spring 2012 administration of the NWEA, ____of students in reading, _____ of students in 

language usage, and _____of students in math met the NWEA intervention benchmark (correlates to the end of 8th grade).  

Additionally, 79.2% of students in reading, 67.8% of students in language usage, and 67.7% of students in math met the NWEA

 proficiency benchmark (correlates to the end of 10th grade).  

2012-13 Benchmark: Four year on-time graduation rate for Class of 2013 is _____ or higher and the annual dropout rate is less 

than 1%.  Basic skills acquisition goals are met (see Strategy #7).  No member of the Class of 2013 fails to graduate due to the

 Graduation Portfolio and at least 75% of the Class of 2014 has completed the requirements of the Graduation Portfolio.

2011-12 Progress Summary

What concrete action steps will be taken?When will action steps occur and when will they be completed?Who will lead or coordinate this action step?Who will participate in implementing these action steps?What resources will be needed?