Teacher Resources

Practical PBL: The Ongoing Challenges of Assessment

Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne:

Web 2.0 Educator Tools - a collection of websites for collaborizing, presenting, etc.:

Mrs. Irish’s Tool Chest - an absolutely amazing math website based on this teacher’s attempt to incorporate principles from mass customized learning into her 7th grade math classroom:

Blabberize - any picture can talk  http://blabberize.com/bubbl.us - a brainstorming tool:

Go Animate for Schools! - animated video site:

Classroom Organizer - a free web-based program that allows you to maintain and inventory
books in their classroom library:

Quizlet - a flashcard/studying tool site:

Museum Box - a project tool for adding descriptive information about any person, event, or time
MDOE SciTech Framework
Information about Maine's Role as a Lead Stat in the implematation of the framework for K-12 Science Education